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Spring 2022

We are currently updating and receiving inventory for this spring 2022. We plan to begin shipping plants as early as April 2022. Heat packs are not included, so please wait to purchase plants until temperatures are plant safe.

Shipping Rate

Shipping is always $10 USPS Priority Mail with tracking.


If you are not happy with your purchase please let us know! Most of the plants offered are small plug-size plants that allow hobbyists on a budget to build their collections without breaking the bank. If plants arrive dead-on-arrival you may be eligible to receive a refund for the cost of the plant. Just provide pictures of how the plant/s arrived on the date of delivery.

Shipping Restrictions
We will ship bare-rooted plants to California this year. However, The Green Collective LLC will not provide refunds for any plants if they are seized by your local agriculture department. Boxes will be labeled with LIVE PLANTS on the outside of the box, and contain an invoice specifying the order contents in order to meet basic California agriculture shipping guidelines. If you've received plants before from other vendors you will most likely be fine. If we experience any issues we will update this page.


Empty Flowerpots
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